Advantages Of Solar Lights


The energy on the surface of the sun also radiates to t […]

The energy on the surface of the sun also radiates to the earth in the form of visible light, ultraviolet rays and X-rays. Their power is enough to penetrate the earth's atmosphere, and its power is as high as 1 million kilowatts. These energy can be applied to solar lights manufacturers. In other words, every square meter of the earth receives 1.35 kilowatts of radiation from the sun. Scientists call this number the solar constant.
With solar energy, plants can photosynthesize and grow. At the same time, because this solar energy is stored in antiquities that have become fossil fuels, it has provided us with coal and oil. The sun sends heat to the earth, causing the atmosphere to circulate, and seawater evaporates, forming clouds and rain.
In the atmosphere, the solar energy hits an oxygen molecule composed of two oxygen atoms and will turn into an ozone molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. The ozone layer blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays, and a small part of the ultraviolet rays that pass through the ozone layer can tan the human skin, and if the exposure time is too long, it can cause skin cancer.
The sun is the most stable heat source for the earth. For 4.5 billion years, it has controlled the temperature of the earth within a certain range. This is very important to maintain the existence of life, no matter how much energy from the sun changes the planet will be deeply affected.

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