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Can Solar Outdoor Light Manufacturer Be Used Normally in Rainy Days

Update:07 Apr

The solar outdoor light manufacturer uses solar energy to provide electric energy for street lights. In daytime, solar outdoor lights absorb solar energy, convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in storage batteries. At night, they discharge the storage batteries to supply power to street light sources. However, can they continue to use it in continuous rainy days?


  1. When designing solar outdoor lights, the design shall be based on the regional climate, environment, temperature and other factors. Is it reasonable to design street lights? Before the continuous rainy days come, the electric energy converted by the battery panel installed by the solar outdoor light itself is enough to provide energy for the solar outdoor light, and there is no need to worry about the situation that no sun will shine. In actual use, many street light manufacturers are not configured according to the local environment. Another factor is that customers covet small price and buy cheap street lights. Therefore, in continuous rainy days, the power supply of street lights is insufficient and it is difficult to illuminate.


  1. If the solar outdoor light itself does not have waterproof function, the light cap is easily damaged. Moreover, there are many low-cost light sources to replace LED light sources in the market now, which will make it impossible to illuminate in rainy days.


  1. If the solar outdoor light controller is damaged, the waterproof effect of the controller will directly affect the service life of the controller. If the waterproof effect is not good, the controller will be directly damaged due to water inflow. The solar outdoor light controller can charge solar energy, so solar outdoor light controller with absolute waterproof capability should be selected.


  1. In the construction process of traditional solar outdoor lights, there will be line wear, poor contact, short circuit, etc.


  1. The storage battery is damaged. In addition to its own waterproofness during installation, in order to prevent water from entering the storage battery, the storage battery will generally be buried underground. It cannot be buried too shallow. If it is too shallow, it will still be eroded by rainwater and will be scrapped if it is serious.


Solar energy can continue to supply power in rainy days, but it can only continue to supply power if the solar outdoor lights have waterproof configuration, the batteries are of good quality and buried deep underground, and the light source is of high quality.