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How To Automatically Turn On The Solar Garden Light At The Correct Timing

Update:20 May

Careful friends will find that many street lights are now replaced by solar street lights, which can emit light through solar energy and automatically light up at night to illuminate the road for people. And this kind of solar street light can sense the darkness and light, so how should Solar Garden Light automatically light up at the correct timing:

1. We can adjust the time through the remote control. For example, there is cancel and restore word on it. Just press and hold this key, and then the letters displayed in the lower-left corner will be hidden, and then adjust the clock button, and different function keys will appear. . For example, you can adjust the week or the time, including the minute, etc., and then we enter the local time.

2. Next, press the timing keyboard, the LCD screen will see an opening word, which indicates the time of the first opening, and then enters the correct week, time, and minutes to start, and finally presses the timer again. function keys.

3. After the timing setting is completed, the current time will be displayed on the display screen, and then it can be converted into timing mode, which can realize automatic control. For example, when it reaches 6 o'clock in the evening, the street light can automatically turn on, and when it reaches 7 o'clock in the morning, it can be automatically turned off.