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Installation Precautions For Solar Garden Light Manufacturer

Update:25 Mar

Solar garden light is an independent self-power supply system, installation errors are easy to cause problems, so special attention should be paid in the installation process. The following solar garden light manufacturer will talk about matters needing attention in the installation process.


During installation, the storage battery should be placed in the control box lightly to avoid damage to the control box. Batteries are electrochemical devices and are sensitive to temperature. Therefore, when installing batteries, attention should be paid to the temperature range of the batteries to avoid direct sunlight. The battery room and containers must be kept clean. The correct wiring of storage batteries is very important to the safety and efficiency of the system. Copper gaskets must be used for the connection between storage batteries to enhance their conductivity. Then bolts are used to press on the terminals of the storage batteries to maintain the correct connection between the batteries and prevent short circuits. The output line of the storage battery shall be connected to the controller through a PVC pipe, and the control box door shall be closed after connection.


When installing solar garden lights, all parts should be kept fixed. First of all, the bracket and the cantilever should be installed. The solar panel should be fixed to the bracket. One end of the cantilever should be fixed with the light cap. Then, the installed bracket and cantilever should be installed on the main light post one by one. After fixing is completed, each part shall be inspected one by one to prevent falling off during lifting. Then, the solar garden light shall be debugged to see if it can run normally. If the data shows normal, the light can be hoisted and installed.


Installation personnel shall wear safety clothing and safety helmet. During the lifting process of the main light pole, pay attention to the moving direction and speed of the pole body. A special person shall hold the light pole with a wrench to avoid scratching. After installation, installation personnel shall carefully observe whether there is any deviation in the sunrise angle of the solar panel. Whether the light cap is skewed or loose, if there is any problem, it needs to be adjusted in time.


Solar garden lights are colorful, elegant, and unique in shape. They are stable in operation, high in safety, maintenance-free, and pollution-free. Solar garden lights can be seen everywhere in residential areas, parks, and tourist attractions, which not only bring light to people at night but also create a beautiful and harmonious living environment.