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Introduction to Matching of String Light Manufacturer

Update:04 Mar

The string light is a kind of decorative lamp, which is generally made of LED bulbs and has a good energy-saving effect. So is there anything special about the matching of the string light? The following string light manufacturer will introduce it to you.

String light matching-bedroom decoration

In fact, string lights is generally formed by combining small string light with different colors, so a lot of shapes can be changed and decorated in various aspects, and a part of string light can be selected and hung on both sides of the bedroom curtain and on both sides of the bedroom door, and the ceiling can also be matched into some romantic patterns, and the lights can be softer so that when the lights come on at night, they will certainly be very beautiful.

String light matching-decorate balcony

Monotonous balconies can also be very romantic. Choose a five-pointed star-shaped string light to decorate one side of the balcony or on the plants of the balcony. Such balconies are very characteristic.

String light matching-decorating windows

Using string light to decorate windows is its main function, but if the new method is adopted, it will definitely not be an ordinary decoration. It can not only be decorated on the window frame but also be used independently from the curtain to serve as a curtain. It can even sew special patterns on the curtain, and beautiful patterns will appear as soon as the curtain is pulled up at night.