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Solar Fence Post Cap Light Suppliers Introduces The Precautions For Selecting Square Lights

Update:17 Jun

Square lights refer to high-pole lights used in open parks, squares, airports, turntables, outdoor parking lots, three-dimensional intersections, passenger stations, high-speed service areas, construction sites, and other places. Suspended on light poles of 5 meters, 10 meters, or even higher. The choice of specific lamps and wattage should be determined by the height of the hanging lamp, the illumination range, and the brightness effect. Below, Solar Fence Post Cap Light Suppliers introduces the considerations for selecting square lights:

Due to the special geographical environment of the square lights, the height of the hanging lights can reach more than 10 meters. These particularities have brought great challenges to the construction, and the maintenance of the lamps has become very difficult. In addition, the installation environment of the square lamp is relatively empty, and these particularities undoubtedly add additional requirements to the lamp.

The quality of the lamps must be excellent. The maintenance of the lamps is not easy, and the lamps need to have a very strong lifespan and excellent quality assurance. It is easy to repair the lamps, but it is a big project to remove the lamps from the high pole. The cost of the disassembly and assembly process is much higher than the cost of buying lamps. Therefore, in the production process of lamps, the internal parts processing and assembling process of lamps must not only achieve precision quality but also need to go through rigorous testing links between parts and accessories. Such lamps can meet the quality requirements of square high-pole lamps.

The lamps must have very good three-proof characteristics. High pole lamps are used on high poles hanging outdoors, which are unavoidable from the invasion of violent storms and the interference of temperature difference between day and night. The materials used in the lamps directly affect the three-proof characteristics and indirectly affect the use of the square lamps. When choosing lamps and lanterns, you should take precautions against cheap lamps and use poor-performance materials as shoddy ones. Especially the key components, such as the waterproof ring, the materials with poor use performance undergo the alternating interference of high temperature and low temperature, and rapidly age, lose their waterproof characteristics in a very short time, and cause damage to the lamps. Due to the small bargain in the early stage, unnecessary manpower and material resources were wasted in the later stage, and the gain was more than the loss.

Lamps and lanterns need to have a lightning protection device. The square lamp is in an open area, and the height and material of the lamp pole will be easily favored by thunder and lightning. In order to prevent being damaged by lightning, in addition to installing a lightning-triggering device on the light pole, the lamp also needs to have its own lightning protection device. Prevent the voltage from being affected by thunder and lightning, and the instantaneous voltage is too high, causing damage to the lamp. Brand manufacturers with relevant experience should be selected for lamps. After a lot of experience accumulation, the high quality of the lamps is guaranteed.