Solar Path Light Manufacturers Introduces The Advantages Of Solar Street Lights


Solar Path Light Manufacturers introduces the advantage […]

Solar Path Light Manufacturers introduces the advantages of solar street lights:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving: Solar street lights are natural sources of light, which reduces the consumption of electromagnetic energy.


2. Safety: AC power lighting fixtures will have safety risks caused by various reasons such as construction quality, embrittlement of raw materials, and disorder of the power supply system. However, solar street lights do not use AC current. Instead, the battery digests and absorbs solar power to convert the bottom voltage DC into light waves. There is no safety risk. The safety factor of solar street lights is very guaranteed. The power distribution system, therefore, has a very high safety factor and can be at ease.


3. Environmental protection: Solar street lights have zero pollution and no radiation, which is in line with contemporary low-carbon environmental protection awareness.


4. New technology water content: The solar street light adopts the intelligent control system of the circulating water pump for operation, which can automatically adjust the chromaticity of the light according to the natural chromaticity of the sky and the chromaticity necessary for everyone in various natural environments within a day.


5. Durability: At this stage, most of the solar cell components production process can ensure that the characteristics of about 10 years are not reduced, and the solar cell components can generate electricity for 25 years or longer.


6. Low maintenance cost: It is very expensive to maintain or repair basic power generation, power transmission, and distribution, road and street lights, and other equipment in remote areas without urban areas. Solar street lights only need to do regular inspections and maintenance, and its maintenance cost is less than the basic power generation system software, and it can save a lot of money.


7. Toy building blocks for installation parts: The installation is flexible and convenient, which is conducive for customers to select and adjust the volumetric size of solar street lights according to their own needs.


8. Independent power supply system: The solar street lights operating off-grid have the freedom and coordination ability of the power supply system.

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