Solar Path Light Suppliers Introduces The Precautions For Installing Street Lights


Solar Path Light Suppliers introduces the precautions f […]

Solar Path Light Suppliers introduces the precautions for installing street lights:


⒈Solar street lamps use solar radiation as an energy source. Whether the sunlight shining on the photovoltaic cell module is sufficient or not directly affects the lighting effect of the lamp. Therefore, when choosing the installation position of the lamp, the solar cell module can illuminate the sun at any time without leaves. And other obstructions.


⒉Be is careful not to clamp the wire at the connection of the light pole when threading. The connection of the wire should be firmly connected and wrapped with PVC tape.


⒊During use, in order to ensure the beauty and the battery components can better receive solar radiation, please clean the dust on the battery components once every six months, but do not wash it from the bottom up with water.

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