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Solar Post Cap Light Wholesaler Introduces What Parts Of Solar Street Lights Have

Update:28 May

Solar Post Cap Light Wholesaler introduces which parts of solar street lights:

  1. The controller is intelligently controlled by a microcomputer. The photovoltaic controller has overcharge and over-discharge functions, output short-circuits protection, light control, and time control functions. It has protection functions such as constant current, soft start, half power, reverse connection, lightning protection, and temperature compensation. It is marked with charging, over-discharging, load, display indicator, and the cable adopts the national standard 4.0mm2 wire.
  2. The battery buried box is a special buried box for solar street lights, with waterproof and cold protection measures, which can effectively resist rain and low-temperature damage to the battery, and the battery runs in the normal range.
  3. The battery uses a sealed and maintenance-free lead-acid battery 120AH, which is buried in the ground. The cycle durability is strong, the life is long, the quality assurance period is 3 years, and the actual service life is more than 8 years. The self-discharge is small and the charging efficiency is high. The internal resistance and self-discharge are small, and the current discharge characteristics are good. The use temperature range is wide, between -30 and 45 degrees. Environmental protection, safe and reliable sealing technology.
  4. The technical requirements of the solar light pole are that the cone-shaped pole is 6 meters high, the lamp arm length is 1.3-1.35 meters, and the lamp holder is 6 meters high from the ground. The main pole adopts high-quality steel pipe, the welding seam of the lamp pole is smooth, neat and without burrs, hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, and the surface is sprayed with plastic. The lamp pole has a service life of 20-25 years.
  5. The shell adopts a heat dissipation integrated cast aluminum lamp shell, which has a powerful heat dissipation function and low heat consumption. Light decay: using aluminum-based PCB board welding technology, the luminous decay is not more than 10% within one year, and 5mm small particles do not need to install a heat sink), Working at room temperature for 10H, the temperature rise of the surface and interface of the heat sink is ≤15℃. Led light source working voltage range DC11V-14V can be used normally, and it can be used normally in the range of -25℃-+50℃.
  6. The LED light source adopts the third-generation LED cold light source. Compared with incandescent lamps, the power-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps, 1/3 of fluorescent tubes, and 1/2 of low-voltage energy-saving lamps. Effective service life is 5500 hours. It is easy to install and can carry out any power combination. Current-limiting protection: IC multi-level current-limiting protection is adopted with high reliability.
  7. The transparent cover is made of aging-resistant EVA resin, laminated TDT composite film with excellent weather resistance, anodized lead oxide frame, high mechanical strength, wind resistance, hail resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can be used in all kinds of complicated and bad weather. The output terminal adopts a sealed and waterproof, high-reliability, multi-functional junction box. The bypass diode is installed to effectively prevent the hot spot effect and line protection, and the wiring is convenient.
  8. The power generation efficiency of solar panels is 15.5%, the performance is stable, and the service life can be up to 30 years. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels meet international standards. Imported high-efficiency solar cells and high-strength, high- and low-iron ultra-white tempered glass are used to reduce sunlight reflection.