Solar Wall Light Manufacturers Introduces The Importance Of Reasonable Garden Lights


Nowadays we are stuck on the courtyard lights when we w […]

Nowadays we are stuck on the courtyard lights when we walk on the road, but how do we know that the spacing of courtyard lights can reflect the effect of street lighting at night? It's a bit difficult, and individual areas will appear dark, so the spacing between them should be controlled before installing courtyard lights.


It is set at the beginning, and the distance should be determined according to different light poles and different types of lights. Of course, the distance should also be set according to the requirements of the purchaser. For some customers to achieve the lighting effect, the distance should not be too small. If it is for night activities or other requirements for high brightness, then the distance must be reduced, or even smaller than the distance we usually install street lights.


When installing, consider whether there are tall buildings and other shelters around, which can affect the lighting effect of solar garden lights. Therefore, Solar Wall Light Manufacturers remind that when installing solar garden lights, they must be installed according to their actual needs, and do not wait for the installation to achieve the lighting effect and regret it.

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