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Advantages And Scope Of Use Of Low Voltage Light

Update:15 Apr

Low Voltage Light has the characteristics of safety, explosion-proof, energy-saving, etc. It is widely used in mobile equipment lighting, auxiliary lighting for household appliances, lighting for special occasions such as industrial and mining, etc. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Safety: Low-voltage lamps are generally 12V/24/36V, all of which are safe for the human body to withstand voltage. It is used in places required by national standards. or a place with a higher safety factor.

2. Longer life: Because the circuit is DC low voltage, fewer components are used, and the life is longer.

3. No stroboscopic. Since the DC voltage is used, the stroboscopic phenomenon in AC use is avoided.

4. Small size: The volume can be made as small as possible because it does not require complex circuits.