Advantages and Structural Features of Solar Path Light Manufacturer


As the earth's resources are increasingly scarce and th […]

As the earth's resources are increasingly scarce and the investment cost of basic energy is increasing. There are also safety problems of these basic resources and hidden dangers of environmental pollution everywhere. In recent years, various countries have begun to continuously study and utilize the development of solar energy resources. As a safe and environmental-friendly new energy source, solar energy has attracted more and more attention. solar path light manufacturer is developing continuously.

Solar photovoltaic power generation is an important component of new and renewable energy and is considered as the most promising new energy technology in the world.

The solar path light consists of the following parts: solar panel, solar controller, battery pack, light source, light pole, light housing, etc. The output power supply is usually 220V or 110V AC, and an inverter is also configured.

The working principle of the solar path light is: under the control of the solar controller, the solar panel charges the battery pack in the daytime, and the battery pack provides power to the DC light load in the evening. The DC controller can ensure that the battery is not damaged due to overcharge or over-discharge under any conditions (sunny or long-term rainy days). At the same time, the microcomputer system controller has the functions of light control, time control, sound control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.

Compared with the traditional street light, the solar path light has the advantages of convenient installation, convenient transportation, no occupation of land, no power consumption and green energy, and can greatly improve the transportation efficiency; in addition, the solar path light is simple to install and does not need an engineering team, thus greatly reducing the cost of hiring workers.

Therefore, solar path lights will become more and more popular in the future. The advantages of replacing traditional street lights with solar path lights outweigh the disadvantages.

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