China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers Introduces How To Install Garden Lights Correctly


China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the ins […]

China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the installation method of garden lights:

1.It is advisable to use low-power, high-color-rendering high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and incandescent lamps to install courtyard lighting sources.


2.Grounding of garden lights The grounding of garden lights should be strictly observed. The metal pillars and the exposed conductors of the lamps should be connected reliably to the PEN line. The grounding line should be set up with a trunk line. No less than two points are connected to the main lead of the grounding device.


3.Power-on trial operation After the lamps are installed and passed the insulation test, the power-on trial operation is allowed. After power on, check and patrol carefully to check whether the control of the lamp is flexible and accurate; whether the switch corresponds to the control sequence of the lamp. If any problem is found, the power should be turned off immediately to find out the cause and repair it.

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