China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers Introduces The Precautions For The Use Of Solar Lights


China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the mat […]

China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the matters needing attention in the use of solar lights:

1. When using it for the first time, charge it for at least 8 hours in the sun.

2. The lamp has a light control function, which is turned off in a bright area.

3. The lighting time depends on the brightness of the sun and the range of the light, please pay attention to the daily charging time.

4. Please make sure that there are no obstacles on the solar panel, and avoid installing it in a bright place at night.

5. If you are not a professional technician, do not open the charging port.

6. Please use the provided extension plugs and screws to install the light on the wall or any outdoor location that needs lighting.

7. Directly expose the solar panel to the sun to ensure it gets enough sunlight and avoids any obstacles or dust. Under normal circumstances, it can be a full day in the sun.

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