Diversity Of Indoor Space Feeling Given By Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights


Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, laser lamps, etc […]

Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, laser lamps, etc., which can be used as decorative lighting with low voltage outdoor string lights in the entertainment space, jointly create an atmosphere of entertainment space. In entertainment space, the combination of light and other lighting methods should meet two requirements: one is functional, the other is artistic.

From the functional point of view, the low voltage outdoor string lights is used as the light source in entertainment space, and its illumination is relatively low, so it needs to be properly matched with incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp to meet the illumination demand. In areas with different functions in entertainment space, the demand for illumination is different, and in service places, it is necessary to have high illumination, which is beneficial to the activities of customers, such as front desk, commodity display, VIP box service space and toilet, etc.

Laser lamp is an illumination way that emits light with extremely pure color according to the principle of laser. Laser lamps can generally adjust the angle within a certain range to make the lights dance, and cooperate with outdoor lamp strings to create dazzling lighting effects, which is a common lighting method in VIP rooms and bar areas in modern entertainment space. Laser lamps are rich in color, and can create various figurative patterns to express artistic conception according to needs, which are generally used in quiet and elegant areas.

Low voltage outdoor string lights has unique charm of rich colors and changeable light colors, which is difficult to compare with other light sources. In the entertainment space, the lights are required to have colorful colors to highlight the unique spatial characteristics. At the same time, outdoor light strings can be adjusted and controlled to change rich colors or shapes, which can endow the indoor space with diversity of visual sense.

In actual engineering design, designers usually control the frequency of selecting colors or changing colors according to actual needs. In the entertainment space, the rhythm of lights and activities is synchronized, and various colors of low voltage outdoor string lights are changed and combined, with distinct and coordinated levels, such as maple leaf red, natural blue, coral yellow, aquatic grass green, etc., which gives people a surprise and makes the space look fashionable and youthful.

As mentioned above, outdoor lamp strings have the characteristics of rich colors, and more importantly, the speed and frequency of conversion between various colors can be set according to the needs, which is beyond the reach of ordinary lighting methods. Entertainment space is a place for modern people to relax and vent their emotions. Besides rich colors, it also needs dynamic lighting to match the enjoyment of hearing and vision. Outdoor light strings create a dynamic lighting form in the change of color, and cooperate with laser light to create a dazzling lighting environment.

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