Features Of Solar Garden Light Manufacturers


solar garden light manufacturer uses solar radiation as […]

solar garden light manufacturer uses solar radiation as energy source. Solar cells are used to charge the battery during the day, and the battery is used to power the garden light source at night. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying. The layout of the lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. The on / off process adopts intelligent control, light-controlled automatic switch, no manual operation required, stable and reliable work, saving electricity costs, and maintenance-free.
Solar garden lights mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity. The solar controller stores energy in the battery without manual control. It can be automatically turned on and off according to the light and dark level regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. All charging, discharging, opening and closing are complete. Complete intelligent and automated control. The solar cell panel has a photoelectric conversion rate of 16% under good light conditions and a service life of up to 30 years. The solar street light controller uses the integrated design of light control + time control, waterproof, and cold protection, which greatly reduces the failure rate; the light source uses a solar courtyard Special LED light source for lamps, with high luminous efficiency and practical life of more than 50000 hours; The lamp body is welded from Q235 high-quality steel, the surface is galvanized and spray-coated, anti-corrosive treatment, no rust, aging resistance, smooth surface, wind resistance is greater than 9 .
Garden lights are decorative products. The design style is simple and fashionable, or classical and romantic, or luxurious and rich, or exquisite and elegant. The structure is simple and generous. It can not only show the characteristics of classical architectural culture, but also show the urban style of fashion in many ways. Whether it is a modern or classical built environment, he has the right reason. Classical but not old-fashioned, heavy but not lacking in vitality, fashionable but not overwhelming, elegant but not unstable, and very valuable for viewing and use.
The garden lamp series lighting is a kind of decorative lighting products that are commonly used in garden scenic spots, cultural and leisure plazas, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, residential areas, both sides of the driveway and other places. The material of the pole body is diverse, the light source is flexible and varied, and the structure and shape are diverse. It is the perfect combination of beautification, lighting, and greening, and the perfect crystallization of light and shadow, and light and art.

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