Functional Characteristics of Solar Post Cap Light Manufacturer


The solar post cap light is mainly used on the columns […]

The solar post cap light is mainly used on the columns of road central isolation guardrails, side machine non-isolation guardrails, residential areas, companies and other places. In addition to the solar post cap, there are also steel anti-column cap, galvanized steel ball cap, aviation composite column cap, galvanized steel column cap and other types for users to choose from. The following is a description of the functional characteristics of the solar post cap light manufacturer.

Functional characteristics of solar post cap light:

1. Warning function

When the column cap is installed on the guardrail, the driver can be warned to pay attention to the existence of the guardrail, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, etc. no matter during the day or at night, so as to prevent traffic accidents.

2. Beautiful

Different materials, different colours, different shapes and different colours can achieve harmony and coordination with the road environment, and can automatically flash at night with full bright spots.

It can be seen that the solar post cap light can not only assist the isolation effect at night but also express and transmit urban traffic information to people and vehicles during the day, establish a traffic rule and maintain traffic order, so that urban traffic can achieve safe, fast, orderly, smooth and convenient effects.

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