Garden Lights Manufacturers Introduces How To Package Garden Light Components


Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces how to package g […]

Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces how to package garden light components:

In the garden lamp sheath line, the blue core indicates the negative pole, and the red core indicates the positive pole. This rule applies to the connection of solar street lights. Coil the light pole assembly with an air cushion with a width of 60cm. The crimping part of the air cushion is one-sixth of its width (ie 10cm). The joint of the air cushion needs to be wound 3 times with remote power tape, and then use The straw rope is coiled with a distance of 100±10mm. Strip the sheath of about 200mm in length from the sheath wire at the lower end of the upper pole assembly, and then mark the “solar cell module” mark on both ends of the solar cell module sheath wire for the courtyard lamp. It is necessary to ensure that the mark is clear and difficult. Drop.


In the courtyard lamp, use a wire stripper to strip the 30mm wire skin of the prepared solar battery module wire to the battery module end, pass the wire core through the hook of the thin iron wire and fold it back, then tighten the wire core, and then use the insulating tape to tighten the wire The core and the thin iron wire are firmly fixed. Pull the iron wire at the top of the upper light pole to take out the component wire and leave a margin of 500mm~1000mm. Reel the component wire at the bottom end of the upper light pole and tie it with a 200mm nylon cable tie. Put it into the upper light pole, and fix the component wire at the top of the upper light pole on the light pole. There are generally two sheath wires for solar cell modules, so when pre-threading the wires, two wires should be pre-threaded, and then the jacket wires should be worn one by one. After the courtyard lamp has worn a solar cell module sheath line, immediately mark both ends of the sheath line and fix the upper end.

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