Garden Lights Manufacturers Product Is A Kind Of Green Energy Light


Garden light is a kind of green energy light, which has […]

Garden light is a kind of green energy light, which has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. Solar garden light is mainly composed of light source, controller, storage battery, solar cell module and light body. Under the irradiation of light, the electric energy is stored in the storage battery by the solar cell, and under the condition of no light, the electric energy of the storage battery is sent to the load LED by the controller. The garden lights manufacturers products are suitable for residential community landscaping lighting ornament and park lawn beautification ornament.

When sunlight shines on the solar cell in the daytime, the solar cell converts light energy into electric energy and stores the electric energy in the storage battery through the control circuit. After dark, the electric energy in the storage battery supplies power to the LED light source of the garden light through the control circuit. At dawn the next morning, the battery stopped supplying power to the light source, the courtyard lights went out, and the solar cell continued to charge the battery, working in a cycle. The controller is composed of a single chip microcomputer and a sensor, and controls the on and off of the light source by collecting and judging the light signal. The light body mainly plays the role of system protection and daytime decoration, and this system operates normally. Among them, light source, controller and storage battery are the key to the performance of the courtyard light system.

Working principle: the circuit structure is solar garden light with photosensitive cell as photosensitive device. The so-called photosensitive cell as a photosensitive device refers to the use of the light sensing characteristics of the solar cell itself, that is, the output voltage of the light solar cell and the output terminal present a high level; When there is no light, the solar cell has no voltage output, and the output end has a low level.

Solar garden light is an application product of solar cell controlled by application specific integrated circuit, and it is a real semiconductor lighting product, which is completely powered by semiconductor materials and emits light with semiconductor materials at the same time. It is predicted that with the recovery of the global economy in the future, the total demand in the international market will increase, while the demand in the domestic market will gradually appear, and villas, parks, golf courses and other places may be places with more market demand.

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