How Can Solar Lights Manufacturer Meet the Personalized Market


Street light products do not depend on high or low, but […]

Street light products do not depend on high or low, but on suitability. Street light brand lies not in size but in strength. After-sales service lies not in length but in place. In an era when solar lights are flourishing, the doubts of the end-user group still determine the lifeblood of solar lights manufacturer.

1. What is the battery power of solar lights manufacturer?

The conversion power of solar cells in the industry is about 18%, so advancing the conversion power of solar cells and reducing the unit power cost are the key points for solar lights manufacturer to develop solar energy in 2019.

2. How large is the scope of application of solar lights manufacturer?

At present, the application scale of solar street lights has been very wide. Except for a single high-speed and main road, the lighting requirements of other roads can be met. Solar street lights are famous for their cleanness, power saving and safety, so they are widely used in residential buildings, communities, rural roads, hospitals, schools, etc. With the advancement of technical level, solar street lights manufactured by solar lights manufacturer are bound to be widely used.

3. How long is the battery life of the solar lights manufacturer?

The life of the battery lies in the energy storage element. The life span of solar cells is generally more than 20 years, and that of ordinary batteries is 2-3 years. The energy storage capacitor can handle the life span interval to a certain extent. The service life of the energy storage capacitor can reach more than 10 years, and the control circuit is simple, but the high price restricts its application, and now it is only used on some traffic lights and decorative lights. However, with the development of technology and economy, it will be a solar lights manufacturer and has the most expectation to become an ideal energy storage element matching with solar cells.

4. What is the after-sales service of solar lights manufacturer?

Because solar street lights have a long service life, taking solar street lights as an example, its after-sales service touches on three aspects: first, repair of defects; Second, technical training; Third, product promotion. Within the warranty period, we will provide customers with two years of free warranty service, free on-site repair, on-site installation and debugging and technical training in the application and maintenance of solar street light products within the warranty period of solar street light equipment, free advance equipment promotion service, and timely promotion for customers' products. In addition to the guarantee period, solar street light equipment will be supplied to customers for paid life-long maintenance.

How many kinds of products do solar lights manufacturer have?

The variety of solar street light products is born according to demand. Some local customers need to customize the purchase of solar street lights according to the local actual situation, for example, the house style, school environment, national characteristics or regional customs. Solar lights manufacturer will make every effort to help customers reasonably select street light styles, technical plans, sample samples and flexible equipment to meet future personalized market demands.

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