How Do Solar Path Light Suppliers Do Lighting Well In Winter


We know that solar path light is a solar outdoor lighti […]

We know that solar path light is a solar outdoor lighting product. When the temperature changes in winter, facing the problems of short days and long nights and low temperature, it is inevitable that some people worry that solar path light will be affected. So, how should we ensure that the solar path light has enough lighting in winter? The following solar path light suppliers will introduce it.

Compared with summer, in real winter, sunshine intensity and sunshine time are reduced, and sunshine still exists. In summer, because lighting effects is good, you can fully store electricity in two or three hours. In winter, due to the influence of lighting conditions, the storage time is prolonged, but as long as the lighting time is enough, the battery can also be fully charged.

It is necessary to look at the battery if the street light lighting time is enough. If the battery capacity is large, it will save more electricity. On the contrary, it will save less electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the battery with appropriate capacity according to the regional environment.

Nowadays, many solar path lights use lithium batteries, which have high cold resistance and can adapt to the low temperature of-40℃. Batteries are far less resistant to cold than lithium batteries, and batteries must be carefully protected in winter. If the battery is buried too shallow, it will cause the battery to be frozen, so the battery should be buried at least one meter underground.

Snow can't be avoided in winter. Light snow won't affect the daily use of solar panels, but we should pay attention to heavy snow and blizzard, because snow will affect solar panels, resulting in uneven conversion of solar panels, thus affecting power generation. Therefore, snow cleaning is also one of the skills to ensure the lighting of solar path lights.

Generally speaking, the environment in winter has little influence on solar path lights, so long as the daily protection is done.

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