How Solar Garden Light Manufacturers Work


Regardless of the solar street light lighting system or […]

Regardless of the solar street light lighting system or solar garden light manufacturer and landscape light system, they all provide the same function and the same role. The difference between them is only in design, but the system works the same. The following is a basic overview of the working principle of sunlight.

Any solar system has four main components: solar panels, lithium batteries, dedicated solar controllers and lamps. During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight to generate electricity, and the solar panels collect and stimulate the photons generated by the electrons in the silicon battery to charge the battery. These electrons are knocked down and collected through the wiring of the solar panel, and fed to the battery for storage. This happens from the time the sun rises until the sun goes down (that is, during the day, as long as there is light, the panel will generate electricity, and the battery will have electricity).

Special solar controller judges when it is dark by detecting the decrease of the power and voltage of the solar panel. If it is judged that it is night, this will trigger the system to stop powering the battery and turn on the light. The battery then powers the LED fixture and the LED light source turns on. The controller has the function of light control and time control. When the light is turned off for a few hours after setting it, the LED will automatically turn off. This cycle continues day after day. When we need to adjust the time, our manufacturer has a special remote control that can be delivered to customers to set. The only difference between solar systems is the working profile and system components used to make the light. For example: When you find a small lamp for your garden in a home improvement store, it usually provides one night of energy. They charge small batteries during the day and operate the lights only at night when the batteries are charged.

In summary, the solar system is composed of four major components, and several major components are complementary to each other. Damage to any one of the components will cause the system to fail to work properly. This requires our solar street light manufacturers to make no mistakes during production. Sloppy, really do a good job in each production link of the product, do a good job in each component, and truly contribute to the energy saving cause of solar lighting.

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