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Installation Location And Material Requirements Of Solar Post Cap Light

Update:28 Jan

With the deepening of people's attention to outdoor landscape design in recent years, outdoor landscape lighting design has also received attention. Solar post lamps are favored for their energy saving, easy installation, and their role in beautifying and decorating the environment. Solar column cap lamps are outdoor ornamental lamps, with square, round, cylindrical, etc., unique shapes and various styles, and can be used in villas, home gardens, balconies, courtyards, commercial pedestrian streets, squares, schools, and scenic spots It can not only provide basic lighting functions but also decorate the environment and render the atmosphere.

Solar Post Cap Light is made of aluminum or iron post cap light, die-cast aluminum post cap light, stainless steel post cap light, and resin post cap light, etc. Different materials have different characteristics. Such as aluminum or iron post lamps, the styles are mainly square and cylindrical; die-casting aluminum post lamps are delicate and exquisite in shape, generally small and medium-sized, and mostly in European style and antique style; stainless steel post lamps are rare, expensive, light and thin Between ordinary and exquisite; resin column lamps have different shapes, light transmission effects, and different colors.

The installation position of the solar column cap light, the solar column cap light is powered by solar energy, so the installation position needs to ensure a certain illuminance, the first choice is a place with sufficient sunlight, long lighting time, no trees or tall shelters, usually on the fence wall of the gate, the decorative column of the fence wall tops, and on balconies and fences, etc.

The capacity selection of solar post lamps fully considers their use in rainy weather conditions. On rainy days, the excess backup power in the battery can be used as lighting energy, but it is still necessary to choose the backup day capacity according to the installation location, usually 3-5 The number of spare days for rainy days is sufficient.

The time setting of the solar post lamp, the lighting time of the post lamp in the middle of the night is usually set to 6 hours, but if it is used in a densely populated place, the lighting time can be designed to be longer. On the market, there are many solar column cap lights that are usually environmentally friendly and energy-saving, without wiring, and easy to install.