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Installation Precautions For Solar Wall Lights

Update:13 Jan

Solar Wall Lights have been widely used in life scenes, it can be said that wall lights can be seen everywhere. The solar wall lamp is mainly used in outdoor lighting, and it is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar wall lamp. under. Let's take a look at its installation steps.

1. The height of the solar wall lamp is determined according to the environment where the solar wall lamp is installed. Generally, the distance from the working surface is 1440 mm-1850 mm. If the wall lamp is installed in the bedroom, the distance can be reduced according to the actual situation.

2. The installation process should be meticulous, and the solar wall lamp should be able to blend harmoniously with the overall environment, otherwise, it will affect the appearance.

3. Determine the installation position according to the chassis. Nowadays, solar wall lamps are generally screwed with two screws. The direct distance between the screws is about 10cm.

4. According to the structure of the base, the solar wall lamp can use the base or not? When using the bottom platform, the bottom platform should be fixed first, and then the solar wall light should be fixed on the bottom platform.

5. The fixing of solar wall lamps often adopts the method of embedded parts or punching holes to fix the wall lamps on the wall. In addition, you can also use a brush to brush the adhesive on the bonding surface for installation.