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Landscape Light Manufacturers Introduces The Purchase Requirements Of Landscape Lights

Update:26 May

Lights are not only lighting tools but also bright eyes at night. When night falls, if there is a bright light, have a good time. Every dark night, the appropriate landscape lights will be lit. Below, Landscape Light Manufacturers introduces the purchase requirements of landscape lights:

1. Light source
The main function of the garden landscape light is to highlight the effect of the night scene. Try not to use warm light sources, too cold light sources, and odd light sources on your patio. These two light sources lack comfort.

2. Safety
Garden lighting should not only focus on aesthetics but also damage the plants. When using a landscape dimmer, lights will turn yellow and illuminated objects will turn yellow, especially plants. Sick and lost its original vitality.

3. Color
Garden landscape lights exist by themselves to create night views. Therefore, in terms of color selection, landscape light manufacturers should choose the lowest possible saturation to avoid giving people strong visual stimulation and create a soft atmosphere.

4. Space
For tight spaces like the trees behind, you can only light up what is necessary and place the rest in shadow. For larger spaces, the process will be reversed, which will make the larger spaces more intimate.

5. Light source position
In order to determine the lighting range of the light source, the position of the light source must be considered, that is, the height, angle, and light distribution of the light source, and the size and brightness of the shadow formed during the lighting process must be coordinated. The environment and atmosphere are conducive to the use of light and shadow to set off nature and create a certain scene and atmosphere.