Low Voltage Light Manufacturer Has Many Application Advantages


With the rapid improvement of light efficiency and ligh […]

With the rapid improvement of light efficiency and light quality of LED, low-voltage products can meet more market demands, and low voltage light manufacturer is gradually entering the public view.

At present, high-voltage lamp belts and low-voltage lamp belts have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and there are very rich choices according to applicable occasions and requirements for lamp belts. However, in the early stage of the market, the advantages of high-voltage lamp belts are relatively obvious. For example, the installation is relatively simple and can be directly driven by a high-voltage driver, and the cost is relatively low. Most importantly, when LED development is not yet mature, high-voltage lamp belts can realize relatively high brightness by virtue of high-voltage operation.

The application scenes of the high-voltage lamp belt are mainly concentrated in the outdoor, and the modelling is generally relatively simple. Because the brightness is not high and the products are generally immature, they are not enough to meet the daily needs of lamp belts. Therefore, they have always been a niche market, mainly playing the role of decorative lighting, with little functional lighting. However, it is undeniable that low-pressure lamps have many application advantages, such as flexible materials, which can adapt to more shapes and are relatively safer in daily applications. Therefore, with the gradual maturity of LED technology and the continuous expansion of the application market, the market prospect of low-pressure lamp belts is also broader.

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