Low Voltage Light Wholesaler Introduces The Characteristics Of Solar Lamps


Low Voltage Light Wholesaler introduces the characteris […]

Low Voltage Light Wholesaler introduces the characteristics of solar lamps:


1. Independent installation, no need to bury wires, backfill, and save construction costs.
2. There is no need to increase the capacity of the store, which saves the cost of supporting equipment.
3. The solar lamps are automatically controlled, no personnel management is required, which saves management expenses.
4. No electricity is used, saving electricity operating costs.
5. Simple maintenance, safe use, and no electric shock accidents.
6. Very energy-saving, directly converted into electricity through sunlight.
7. Solar energy lamps are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and radiation-free.
8. The DC voltage used is 12V~36V, which is very safe, and there will be no electric shock, fire, etc.
9. The installation is simple, there will be no concerns about power failure, and it can be used in places where there is no electricity.
10. Long service life, strong light efficiency, high-efficiency energy-saving light source, long-term durability.
11. There is no need to pay electricity bills, and operation and maintenance costs are low.
12. The use of solar lamps is very wide, and they can be used in residential areas, schools, factories, scenic spots and other areas.
13. The replaced solar panels can be recycled.
14. High-end, energy-saving, is a symbol of taste.
15. Potential safety hazards caused by landscape engineering renovation, aging of materials, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and power pipelines can be avoided.

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