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Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights Suppliers Introduces The Advantages Of Lifting High Pole Lights

Update:29 Jan

Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights  Suppliers introduces the advantages of lifting high pole lights:


The high pole lamp is made into a lift mode, which can prevent the intrusion of dust and rain, protect the lamp, and increase the service life. The poles and parts are all hot-dips galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. The rectangular hole at the bottom of the pole is equipped with a lifting mechanism and an electric transmission device. The top of the pole is fixed with a pulley block, a travel switch, a hook device, a rain cover, a lightning rod, etc. The lifting system consists of a motor, a worm gear reducer, a pulley block, a gear, a coupling, a drum, a wire rope, etc. It has the advantages of free lifting, stability, safety, and convenient operation.


Use aluminum alloy plate products or stainless steel materials with better corrosion resistance, and the light-transmitting mirror of the lamp adopts tempered glass. The reflector is generally made of a pure aluminum plate after electrochemical polishing and has excellent reflectivity. The lamp holder has an angle adjustment seat, and the projection angle can be set to ensure that the light configuration is reasonable and uniform on different occasions. The lighting switch has two methods: manual control and automatic control, which is very convenient and easy to operate for users.


Principle of powder electrostatic spraying: Electrostatic spraying uses the principle of a high-voltage electrostatic corona electric field. The metal diversion cup on the spray gun head is connected to the high-voltage negative electrode, and the coated workpiece is grounded to form the positive electrode, forming a strong electrostatic field between the spray gun and the workpiece. When the carrier gas (compressed air) sends the powder coating from the powder supply tank to the guide cup of the spray gun through the powder pipe, the guide cup is connected to the high voltage negative electrode to generate corona discharge, and dense electric charges are generated around it, and the powder is carried Negative charge, under the action of electrostatic force and compressed air, the powder is uniformly adsorbed on the workpiece. After heating, the powder melts and solidifies into a uniform, flat, and smooth coating film. Electrostatic spraying can be divided into spray paint and plastic spray.