Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer Introduces The Factors That Affect The Life Of Outdoor Lamps


Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer introduces the facto […]

Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer introduces the factors that affect the life of outdoor lamps:


1. Ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on the wire insulation layer, shell protective coating, plastic parts, potting glue, sealing rubber strips, and adhesives exposed outside the lamp. Aging cracks will appear after a long time, which will damage the waterproof ability of the lamp.


2. High and low-temperature difference
Outdoor summer, the surface temperature of the lamp can rise to 50~60℃ during the day and drop to 10~20℃ at night. In winter, the temperature can drop to below zero on icy and snowy days, and the temperature difference will vary greatly throughout the year. Outdoor lamps and lanterns in summer accelerate the aging and deformation of materials in a high-temperature environment. When the temperature drops below zero in winter, the plastic parts become brittle and are prone to crack under the pressure of ice and snow.


3. Thermal expansion and contraction
The change of temperature causes the thermal expansion and contraction of the lamp. The linear expansion coefficient of different materials of the lamp shell is different, and there will be displacement at the junction of the two materials. As time goes by, the process of thermal expansion and contraction continues to repeat, which will seriously affect the airtightness of the lamp.

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