Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer Let You Freely Use Your Imagination


Outdoor string lights are often used in some lively occ […]

Outdoor string lights are often used in some lively occasions, because they are colorful and varied. The products of outdoor string lights manufacturer are suitable for many occasions, such as the decoration at the entrance of parks, especially during festivals. It can embellish the colors and atmosphere of the festival, and make people have more beautiful reverie about the new beginning, which is beautiful and fascinating. In addition to embellishing the festive atmosphere, it also has a very important application, that is, it can be wound into arbitrary characters with high degree of free creation.

The light of outdoor string lights is soft, which will not irritate our eyes, thus protecting our eyesight without any noise interference. LED lights generally do not produce noise, giving people a quiet and comfortable environment. Light efficiency is high, heat generation is small, 90% of electric energy is converted into visible light, and brightness can be adjusted moderately. High safety factor: the required voltage and current are small, and the heating is small, which does not cause potential safety hazards in dangerous places such as mines. Energy saving and long service life.

Outdoor string lights have a long life, and under normal circumstances, it is no problem that a string lights can work for four or five years. Moreover, its power is very low, and the power of a one-square-meter string lights display area is only 20 watts, so the power of a string lights with fonts will not exceed 10 watts.

Outdoor string lights are widely used, and they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which brings good results and great value. At the same time, the application of outdoor string lights conforms to the trend of the times and will definitely develop in the future.

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