Requirements for Installation Space of Low Voltage Light Manufacturer


Looking at the label on the light, the normal low volta […]

Looking at the label on the light, the normal low voltage light manufacturer will put labels on the lights before they leave the factory to indicate the specific parameters of the products. We can look at the voltage used by the low voltage light through the labels. What should I do without a label? There is no label on the light to indicate the voltage. If there is transparent glue on the light when the components inside the light body can be clearly seen, it can be judged by the number of light beads, resistors, capacitors and other components, and then the voltage from low to high.

Damp-proof glue must be used during installation. The manufacturers of low voltage light emphasize that the requirements for glue are very high, especially for products installed outdoors because they have to be exposed to wind, sun and rain. If the quality of glue is not up to standard, it will soon cause falling off or water leakage, i.e. Huang Zhi. Therefore, manufacturers of low voltage light usually suggest that waterproof PU glue should be used, so the relevant comparison can be made to see whether the glue can pass the test.

Installation matters of low voltage light: the ceiling is reserved with drive installation space, the wall is slotted with power supply circuit, and the partition is slotted with aluminum light strip, with slot size (width 15mm× height 8mm). Conventional 9.6W light belt can be configured. For brighter requirements, 14.4W light belt can be configured. Acrylic cover plate covers the surface more softly and is easy to clean in the later period.

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