Solar lights Manufacturer Analyze Differences between Garden Lights and Landscape Lights


With the rapid development of urban construction, garde […]

With the rapid development of urban construction, garden lights and landscape lights are becoming more and more popular in the lighting industry. What are the differences between garden lights and landscape lights? The following solar lights manufacturer will introduce you.

garden lights are mainly used for lighting parks, residential areas and families, with a height of less than 6 meters.  It has the characteristics of long service life, energy conservation, environmental protection and beautiful appearance.  garden lights can be integrated with the nearby scenery to create a different atmosphere.  garden lights are soft, not dazzling, and will not affect the line of sight of pedestrians. In comparison, the safety factor is higher.

Landscape lights are mainly used in large public areas such as roads and flyovers.  The height of the landscape light is generally over 6 meters, the lighting intensity is very strong, and the lighting effect is unique.

With the development of our country in recent years, the lighting of cities is getting better and better, and there are two types of lights: residential garden lights and square garden lights.  So, what kind of material is better for the garden light?  There are two kinds of materials: steel and aluminum.  First of all, from the perspective of firmness, aluminum has a low boiling point, strong flexibility, and is easy to deform at high temperatures. Compared with steel, it is slightly less firm.  From the price point of view, the garden light is complicated in workmanship, high in cost and complicated in process, and the price is 3-6 times higher than that of the garden light made of steel.  In terms of workmanship, the workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of steel.  If you pay attention to style, you usually choose aluminum and iron, if you pay attention to firmness and quality, you usually choose steel.

Landscape lights are more seeking for the appearance of lights and the characteristics of night lighting effects: garden lights are more concerned with the simplicity of light appearance and the effect of night lighting.  The appearance selection of landscape lights and garden lights should be coordinated with the landscape style or theme.

The distance between landscape lights is generally 15-20m, which should be determined according to the size and illuminance of lights.  The layout of garden lights in the residential area should be avoided as far as possible in the vicinity of residents on the first floor so as not to cause light interference to residents.

With the development of LED lighting technology and the development of China's economy, the demand for landscape lights is also increasing, and the artistic value it brings is gradually showing. In different environments, the colors and styles of landscape lights are also different. Solar light manufacturers need to design according to the surrounding environment and scenery, and integrate with the surrounding environment, so that people can have a sense of unity visually and increase the aesthetic effect.

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