Solar Lights Manufacturer Form Unique Advantages


The development of solar energy lamp is steady. With th […]

The development of solar energy lamp is steady. With the continuous progress of technology, domestic solar lights manufacturer has become a leader in the development of new energy. As a pollution-free new energy product, solar lamps have also formed unique advantages in use.

The reason why solar lamps are so popular is not only that they are environmentally friendly but also that they save electricity. Solar lamps save at least 60% of electricity every year compared with traditional commercial high-pressure sodium lamps. Moreover, the LED light source used has a very good luminous effect and can meet the living needs of the local people. The installation and use of solar lamps greatly facilitate the people to travel at night.

The color light emitted by solar lamps is soft white, brighter than the yellow light emitted by traditional lamps. In addition, its general configuration can be used continuously for 4-5 rainy days, which well solves the inconvenience caused by many weather reasons.

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