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Solar Lights Purchase Considerations

Update:15 Jul

The main distribution products of Solar Lights' indoor applications are solar ceiling lights, solar corridor lights, solar garage lights, etc. Let's take a look at the purchase precautions for Solar Lights:

1. The solar ceiling lamp is generally used to meet the nighttime indoor lighting needs of some simple rooms. It is limited by the size of the ceiling lamp. The size of the lamp determines the capacity of the built-in battery. If the indoor lighting time is not high, you can choose a small-sized lamp. If the indoor lighting has high requirements on brightness and time, it is recommended to purchase lamps with larger appearance sizes, and they should be fixed during installation. Large-sized lamps have larger internal lithium batteries and larger overall weight. If they are not fixed firmly, they will easily fall off. The unnecessary danger occurs.

2. Solar corridor lights are mainly to meet the lighting requirements of old residential corridors and corridors. This type of lamp has a human body sensing function, and the brightness is not high, but it can meet the lighting requirements of people entering and leaving residential buildings. Do not buy the price when purchasing such lamps. The built-in lithium batteries of lamps that are too low prices are generally of poor quality, and even some batteries to be scrapped are shoddy, which leaves many hidden dangers and uncertain factors for subsequent use, especially in some residential areas. Long-term disrepair and intricate lines have dangerous factors. In the installation of such lamps, try to avoid the cluttered position of the line, and try to install it on the flat wall of the wireless road.

3. Solar garage light is a kind of solar flood light. It is called differently in different areas. This kind of light has low lighting requirements and a relatively low price. There is no need to buy the so-called high-profile high-brightness lamps. In this case, it is recommended to buy solar garage lights with a human body sensing function, which not only avoids the embarrassment caused by forgetting to turn off the lights and causes the overall lighting but also prolongs the service life of the lights.