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Solar Outdoor Light Manufacturers Introduce The Rules Of Use Of Solar Lights

Update:22 Apr

The main reason why the solar lamp is bright during the day and not bright at night is that the battery cannot store electricity. During the day, the sun shines on the photovoltaic panel, and there is energy supply. After pressing the switch, it will light up, but the brightness is generally not high, because the solar lamp is charging at the edge. , In the state of side consumption, there is no light at night, there is no energy supply, which naturally leads to the solar lamp not lighting at night. lead to battery There are two reasons for the inability to store electricity normally. One is that the wiring between the battery and the photovoltaic panel is wrongly connected, or a certain line is loose; the other is that the battery itself is broken and cannot store electricity. How should we solve this situation? Below, Solar Outdoor Light Manufacturers introduces the rules for the use of solar lights:


First of all, we need to find the battery location of the solar lamp. Some solar lamps have external batteries, that is, the lamp head and the battery are separated. Some solar lamps have built-in batteries, and the battery is inside the lamp head. No matter which type, we should find a Cut off the lamp head with a screwdriver and see if there is any problem with the connection line between the battery and the photovoltaic panel.

It is time to change the battery. Note that when replacing the battery, you need to know how much V your lamp is, and you need to match the lithium battery with the corresponding V number. The direct method is to find the previous seller to see if there is a matching accessory battery.


The solar lamp battery is not easy to be damaged. As long as it is properly protected, it can be used for five years. However, some manufacturers have reduced the battery material configuration of solar lamps to attract consumers at low prices. For example, they use second-hand recycled batteries. Although the lamp can be used for a period of time after buying it, it will definitely lead to the above-mentioned problems in a short period of time, the storage performance will deteriorate, or it may simply not be able to store electricity. Therefore, consumers must not only look at the price when purchasing. It is not wrong to buy products with low prices and high quality, but if they blindly pursue low prices, the prices are not cheap.