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If you want to say which solar path light is good, you […]

If you want to say which solar path light is good, you must first judge it according to the customer's preferences and feelings. If the customer likes European style, then choose cast aluminum and cast iron. If the customer pays attention to firmness and quality, then choose the solar path light made of steel material. There are some reasons, and there are also some reasons. The solar path light manufacturers mainly analyze it from the aspects of firmness, price and workmanship.

1. firmness: aluminum has low boiling point and strong flexibility, and is easy to deform when exposed to high temperature. compared with steel, its firmness is slightly worse. The wall thickness of iron and steel materials can be increased, with high stability and strong supporting force.

2. Price: The manufacturing process of cast aluminum is complicated, the material cost is high, and the shape is peculiar, so it is normal for the price to be higher than the path light made of steel. From the modeling point of view, the cast aluminum path light is not necessarily beautiful and peculiar, and the path light made of steel material is also very beautiful.

3. Workmanship: The workmanship of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of iron and steel materials. Here, an analysis is made on aluminum. First, the aluminum should be burned into liquid, and then the liquid should be poured and molded by a mold. Then, the aluminum rod should be engraved with the patterns required by customers, and then galvanized and sprayed with plastic after drying. The complexity is much more difficult than steel. Of course, no matter what material the path light is made of, it can give people a visual impact.

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