Solar Path Light Manufacturers Introduce The Precautions For Installing Solar Garden Lights


The solar garden light product itself is more complicat […]

The solar garden light product itself is more complicated because it comes with more accessories. In addition to the pole lamp itself, there are also solar battery components, batteries, solar controllers, and battery buried boxes. Therefore, Solar Path Light Manufacturers will introduce the precautions for installing solar garden lights:


1. The installation of the underground foundation, dig pits, bury the foundation piers, by the way, bury the buried battery box next to it (the battery box is loaded), and bury the battery box with soil to make it cover the battery box perfectly.


2. For the installation of the above-ground part, install the arm and solar panel bracket on the solar garden light pole to fix the light source lamps and solar panels. (There are screw holes on the bracket for easy removal and installation, and also convenient for transportation).


3. To connect the upper part and the underground part, the flange of the solar garden light pole and the embedded parts can be tightened with bolts.


4. Finally, correct whether the pole of the solar garden light is inclined, and it must be installed at an angle of 90° with the horizontal plane.

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