Solar Path Light Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of High-Quality Light Poles


Do Solar Path Light Manufacturers introduce what kind o […]

Do Solar Path Light Manufacturers introduce what kind of light pole can be called a good quality light pole?


1. The street light pole guide and unloading system is composed of guide wheels and guide arms to ensure that the light panel will not move laterally during the lifting process, and ensure that the light panel can be automatically detached and locked by the hook when the light panel rises in place. The lighting electrical system is equipped with 6-24 400w-11000w metal halide (white light), floodlight, floodlight lamps, and the computer time controller can automatically control the switch light time and partial or full lighting. Lightning protection system: a 1.5-meter-long lightning rod is installed on the top of the lamp, and a 1-meter-long grounding wire is installed on the underground foundation and welded to the underground bolt.


2. The lifting speed of the light pole body is 3 to 5 meters per minute. The anti-corrosion treatment of the pole is hot-dip galvanizing. The surface of the galvanized layer is smooth and beautiful, with consistent gloss. The thickness of the zinc layer is more than 85um, and the adhesion of the galvanized layer should meet the GB2694-98 standard, which is guaranteed for 8 years. The wind resistance of the light pole is designed at 36.9 m/s. The pole door must be flat and smooth, and the leveling error of the pole should not be greater than ±1mm. The same pole door and door have good interchangeability and meet the requirements of anti-theft and rain-proof.


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