Solar Path Light Manufacturers Introduces The Maintenance Knowledge Of Solar Wall Lights


Because the wall lamp is exquisite, compact, and warm, […]

Because the wall lamp is exquisite, compact, and warm, it attracts many people to buy it first. Some people like to install wall lamps on the balcony, some people install wall lamps in the sunroom on the roof, and some people install wall lamps in the room. It can be said that wall lamps can be seen everywhere. One of the more environmentally friendly and energy-saving is the solar wall lamp, Solar Path Light Manufacturers introduce how to maintain solar wall lights?


1. Do not hang objects, such as drying quilts, on the solar garden lights. Frequent switching will greatly reduce its service life, so when using the lamp, it is necessary to reduce the switch of the lamp as much as possible. If the lampshade is found to be tilted during use or cleaning, it should be corrected by hand to keep it beautiful. When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the three-pronged bracket in the lamp reflecting dark shadows when the lamp is on.


2. Replace the aging lamp tube in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If the two ends of the lamp tube are red, the lamp tube is black or dark, or the lamp does not light up, the lamp should be replaced in time to prevent the ballast from burning out. Wait for insecurity.

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