Solar Path Light Suppliers Introduces The Precautions For Designing And Installing Garden Lights


Yard lights are generally installed in residential area […]

Yard lights are generally installed in residential areas, parks, campuses or villas, and gardens. Yard lights must not only provide lighting but also beautify. Therefore, the design of the courtyard lamp must be beautiful in appearance, and the shape that is used in the surrounding environment must be selected. Below, Solar Path Light Suppliers will introduce the precautions for designing and installing garden lights:


1. When designing and installing courtyard lights, you must pay attention to grounding matters. The grounding wires of courtyard lights should be separately set up with trunk lines, and the trunk lines should also be arranged along the courtyard lights to form a ring network. When designing, you need to pay attention to connecting wires. There should be no less than 2 connection points to the trunk line from the grounding device. In addition, the lamps and their grounding branch lines cannot be connected in series, so as to avoid problems with individual lamps, which will cause other lamps to lose their protective effect on grounding.


2. The junction box of the garden light must have a waterproof gasket, and it must be complete. The position of the street light and the light on the pole must be correct, and it must be firm and reliable. All fasteners must be protected by fuses. In addition, the garden light must be automatically opened and closed according to the brightness of the natural light, so the garden light must have such a device.


3. There are many styles of courtyard lights on the market, with different styles and styles. When installing courtyard lights, the installation environment must be considered. The style and style must be suitable for the installation environment, and the spacing of the courtyard lights must also be Think carefully and don't appear too dark or too bright.

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