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Solar Path Lights Manufacturers Introduce The Maintenance Process Of Street Lights Not Working

Update:30 Aug

Because solar street lights are different from ordinary street lights, they do not need to use electricity. They use the energy of the sun to turn into electricity to supply lamps. This not only reduces the cost of street lights but also reduces the cost of maintenance and management, so solar street lights have replaced the street lights we usually use step by step. However, solar street lights sometimes fail to light up for some reason, so what is the maintenance process for solar street lights that do not light up? Below, Solar Path Lights Manufacturers introduces the maintenance process for street lights not working:

1. Check the battery. If the solar street light does not light up, it is likely that the battery is damaged. Remove the battery and replace it with a new battery for inspection. If it is on, it means the battery is faulty. That's it; if it still doesn't light, check other parts.

2. Check the solar panel to see if it can be charged normally, mainly by checking whether there is current on the voltage board. If the battery board joints are not welded well or the aluminum foil has no current, it needs to be replaced; if it is caused by dust accumulation, it can be cleaned and maintained.

3. Check the controller. Similarly, remove the controller and replace the controller with the matching model. If it lights up normally, it means that the controller is damaged and can be replaced. If it still does not light up, continue to check.

4. Check the lamp head. If the power used by the lamp head of the solar street light is too large, it may cause the battery to be over-discharged and aging in advance. If the power is too small and the brightness is not enough, it will cause unnecessary waste of cost, and the lamp head is damaged. Remove the lamp head and replace it.

5. If the above methods still cannot solve the problem, it may be the quality problem of the solar street light, and you need to contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.