Solar Wall Light Manufacturer Needs to Repair and Replace The Damaged Parts in Time


The installation, construction, engineering management […]

The installation, construction, engineering management and quality control of solar wall light manufacturer are also very important in the later maintenance. The solar wall light is installed outdoors, and all connecting parts of the solar wall light are wind resistant. Anti-bird of solar panel, anti-theft of solar panel, rain protection of street light inlet and outlet line and control room, insulation of storage battery in winter and cooling in summer, ventilation of storage battery room, waterproof of storage battery room, etc. The installation and construction of solar wall lights are generally characterized by tight time, remoteness, poor transportation conditions, strong technology, and many fragile and vulnerable parts. Organization and management and quality control are crucial.

1. The dustproof felt strip of lights and lanterns shall be complete, and repair and replacement shall be required for damage.

2. The reflector of lights and lanterns should not be damaged or deformed in the process of transportation and installation. The light shade should be equipped with aprons. When the light socket is damaged, it should be exchanged in time.

3. The lights need to be replaced if they are corroded or deformed.

4. Lights and lanterns should be straight, if there is loose, tilt phenomenon, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

5. The retaining ring of the brightly lit cover should be complete without damage.

6. Lights and lanterns, the light body cannot be skewed, solid screws need to be fixed well, to avoid loosening.

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