Solar Wall Light Manufacturers Introduces 6 Advantages Of Solar Garden Lights


Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the 6 advanta […]

Solar Wall Light Manufacturers introduces the 6 advantages of solar garden lights:

1. The solar garden lamp has various shapes and many choices. There are many kinds of solar garden lights, and there are standardized products and customized products.

2. There is no need to use city electricity, and there is no need to lay a lot of cables. The biggest advantage of solar garden lights is that they do not use city electricity and do not incur electricity charges. Compared with city electricity garden lights, there is no need to lay complicated lines, operating procedures, and long-term installation and debugging; solar garden lights only need 1-2 foundations. Save a lot of construction costs and time.

3. The maintenance cost is low. The solar garden lights are controlled separately, so the repaired ones are damaged, and the mains garden lights are connected in a certain number, so if one is damaged, the entire line must be checked and reworked in a large area.

4. The maintenance cost is low. The life of the lithium iron phosphate battery of solar garden lights is 6-8 years, the lamp pole is 30 years, the photovoltaic panel is 25 years, and the LED light source is more than 15 years. Therefore, in the process of use, the replacement frequency is relatively high. In the course of use, courtyard lights are generally light-controlled switches, which do not require special personnel to look after them, which saves labor costs; the mains courtyard lights must be maintained or replaced on lines and other configurations regularly and continuously, and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year.

5. The LED light source is a semiconductor light source, no filament or glass bulb, so it is not afraid of vibration and not fragile; the service life of a single LED lamp bead is not less than 50,000 hours, while the service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only 1,000 hours, and ordinary energy-saving lamps are used The life span is only 8,000 hours.

6. The safety factor is high. The 12v voltage of the solar garden lamp is in the low voltage range, which will not cause any danger to people. Because the current is small, the LED lamp beads have low heat and can be used in dangerous places such as mines; while the city electricity solar street lamp 22V alternating current is prone to electric shock accidents under severe conditions.

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