Solar Wall Light Manufacturers Should Do A Good Job Of Battery Protection


The battery of solar wall light can be said to be an im […]

The battery of solar wall light can be said to be an important component. The following solar wall light manufacturers will teach you how to check the battery to ensure its life.

1. Check whether the battery surface is clean and there is no corrosion and liquid leakage.

2. Check whether the appearance of the battery is concave or bulging.

3. Tighten the connecting screws between battery cells at least once every six months to prevent looseness, poor contact and other faults. When protecting or replacing batteries, it is necessary to wear insulating sleeves for the things used (such as wrenches, etc.) to prevent short circuit.

4. The battery should be charged in time after discharging. In case of continuous rainy days and lack of battery charging, the power supply of the power station should be stopped or shortened to prevent battery discharge. Power station protection personnel should regularly charge the battery evenly, generally 2~3 times every quarter. Batteries that have been out of service for a long time (more than 3 months) should be recharged before being put into operation.

5. Keep the battery room warm in winter and ventilate it in summer. The temperature of the battery room should be controlled between 5℃ and 25℃ as far as possible.

6. Keep the lighting surface of solar module array clean. In areas with little rain and heavy wind and sand, they should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning, they should be washed with clear water, and then dried with a clean soft cloth. Do not wash with corrosive solvents or scrub with hard objects.

7. Check regularly whether the connection between photovoltaic module boards is firm, whether the connection in the square junction box is firm, and tighten it as needed; Check whether the photovoltaic module is damaged or abnormal, such as breakage, grid line disappearance, hot spot, etc.; Check whether the bypass diode in the junction box of photovoltaic module works normally. When there is a problem with the photovoltaic module, replace it in time, and record the specific device distribution orientation of the module in the photovoltaic array in detail.

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