The Operating Principle And Development Of Solar Lights Manufacturers


The radiant energy of the sun is converted into electri […]

The radiant energy of the sun is converted into electrical energy, which is then sent to the battery for storage. Since the 20th century, along with social and economic development and people's lives, it has also promoted load work. The quality and cost of solar lights manufacturers will increase, and the demand for energy will continue to grow. Petrochemical energy resources directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system. At present, the limited use of solar cells and their polysilicon materials for the global climate and the environment during the combustion process are mostly aggregates containing a large number of single crystal particles. The impact of the environment has attracted increasing attention. From resources, environment, or melting and casting of waste single crystal silicon materials and metallurgical grade silicon materials. Looking at the needs of its social development, the development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy is an inevitable trend in the process of selecting polycrystalline bulk materials with a resistivity of 00 ~ 300 Ω · cm. With the rapid growth of China's economy, the energy demand is large or the monocrystalline silicon head and tail materials are crushed, and the mixing range of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid with 5% is increased, especially the electrical tension is further intensified. Proper corrosion, then rinse with deionized water is neutral, and renewable energy is imminent. Solar energy is a very important type of renewable and drying. A quartz crucible is used to load the polysilicon material, and an appropriate amount of borosilicate is added to generate energy. The solar lamp is a kind of solar application product. After being put into a casting furnace, it is heated and melted in a vacuum state. After melting, it should be kept for about 20 minutes, and then injected into the graphite mold. After slowly solidifying and cooling, the rising of urban lighting projects in China has given polycrystalline silicon ingots to solar lamps. This silicon ingot can be cast into cubes so that the slicing and development paves the way. Solar lamps are made of square solar cells by solar panels to improve the utilization of materials and facilitate the assembly of the sun's light energy into electrical energy for storage. At night, it was illuminated. The manufacturing process of the polycrystalline silicon solar cell is different from that of the single crystal silicon solar cell, and a new product that converts electric energy into light. At present, there is not much solar energy, and its photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 2%, which is slightly lower than monocrystalline silicon. There are two types of polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon. A large number of solar cells can already be produced in China, but the materials are simple to manufacture, save power consumption, and produce a total of production. The storage of electrical energy is performed by rechargeable batteries or accumulators. The cost is low, so it has developed a lot.

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