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The Role And Selection Skills Of Landscape Light

Update:05 Sep

With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic awareness, the appearance of various styles of Landscape Light has brought a lot of beauty to our courtyards, parks, squares, and other places. Landscape lights not only have decorative functions, but also many other functions. Let's take a look at the functions and selection skills of Landscape Light :

1. The burden of urban lighting projects. Landscape lights are suitable for lighting in various scenes such as city squares, major parks, landscape pools, courtyards, characteristic roads, and so on.

2. Good lighting. Although the big role of the landscape light is decoration, its lighting function is still very good. The lighting intensity, brightness, and softness can be adjusted according to the specific occasion, which is not inferior to the street lamps for special lighting. It forms a good route guidance effect at night. At night, the main landscape is highlighted to form a virtual and real relationship with the surrounding environment, which enriches the landscape level at night.

3. It is very decorative. A very important point in the urban lighting project is to beautify the city, and landscape lighting is to beautify at the same time as lighting. Many relatively monotonous city squares are more distinctive because of the landscape lights. The lights of different colors provide rich viewing interest for the monotonous night. A row of continuous lights or an array of lights brings a sense of rhythm. Even in the daytime, artistic lamps have high ornamental value.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection The city lighting project emphasizes energy saving and environmental protection, adding a touch of green to the city. Nowadays, many landscape lights are very energy-saving. They not only use solar energy to supply power but also the materials made are very environmentally friendly, which is in line with the concept of urban greening.

5. It has the function of marking and promoting. Certain lights indicate where you are in the park.