The Role Of Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights


The shape of Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights is like […]

The shape of Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights is like a belt, plus the main origin of the product is LED, so this name came out. As for the light bar, it is estimated that it is constructed by taking its shape and adding the original.


Generally, different colors of led lights have different luminous intensities, and the common unit is mcd, which is millicandela. The higher the value, the greater the luminous intensity, that is, the brighter. This is an important indicator for evaluating the brightness of LED strips. The higher the brightness requirements, the more expensive the strips. This is because high-brightness LED chips are more expensive, and the higher the brightness, the greater the packaging difficulty.


The small lights on the led strip are generally used for decoration, and the power generally does not exceed 1W. You can see the specifications on your lighting for specific details. Assuming it is 1W of power, then even if you have 20 chandeliers, then you will not turn off the light for 2 days and 2 nights if you light it for 50 hours, which will consume 1 kilowatt of electricity.

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