The Solar Fence Post Cap Light Suppliers Introduces Its Advantages To You


Now the country advocates energy conservation and envir […]

Now the country advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and more and more solar energy products enter thousands of households. In the fence post cap light, it is better to choose solar energy or ordinary fence post cap light. In the end, where is the good thing and where is the cost difference? Today, the solar fence post cap light suppliers will explain in detail the solar fence post cap light and ordinary fence post cap light.

Compared with ordinary fence post cap light, the advantages of solar fence post cap light are as follows:

1. Easy installation: it can be installed independently without trenching, burying lines and backfilling, thus saving construction cost; There is no worry about power failure and power limitation, and it can be used in places without commercial power.

2. Less comprehensive investment: there is no need to purchase power capacity expansion equipment, saving the cost of corresponding supporting equipment; Solar fence post cap light can realize full-automatic control without personnel management and save management expenses; There is no need to pay electricity charges, no need to track and maintain, and the operation and maintenance costs are low.

3. Safety in use: the voltage of the branch is 12V~36V, so there is no accident such as electric shock, fire, etc., and it is safe to use.

4. Energy saving: Ask for energy from the sun, do not use conventional electric energy, and provide electric energy through the conversion of sunlight, which is inexhaustible, thus saving the operation cost.

5. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise and no radiation.

6. Long service life: LED light source, with a service life of about 100,000 hours, low DC voltage and long-term durability;

7. Wide application: it can be used in sunny places.

8. Great recycling value: the replaced solar panels and batteries can be recycled;

9. High grade: green, environment-friendly, energy-saving and high-tech, which is a symbol of the user's image and grade.

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