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Types Of Landscape Light

Update:28 Apr

Landscape Light is a relatively general concept. In fact, if a detailed product segmentation is carried out, landscape lights can be divided into the following 12 types.

1. Large-scale landscape lights: 4-8 meters in height, one scene in the daytime, and two-layer effects of scene and lighting after lighting up at night, some of which are a kind of color: atmospheric and serious.

2. Street light: The general height is 6-12 meters. The standard reason requires that the choice of the height of the street light needs to be in harmony with the width of the road. After inquiry, it is found that the elbow street light may not be beautiful if the height is not enough.

3. Garden lights: 2.5-4 meters in height, very rich in style, and widely used in the scale of illumination, mainly in residential areas and some scenic spots.

4. Lawn lamp: Height: 0.5-0.8 meters, with a wide range of styles, belonging to decorative lamps, can be used as auxiliary lighting, for some areas between lawns that require low illumination, and auxiliary lighting.

5. Buried lamp (underground lamp): The light source goes upward, and the direction of the light is adjusted differently after passing through the cover. For example, the light from pillars and trees is directed upward. Add a mask to the vicinity of the grass or a specific plane direction, etc.

6. Tree lights: installed around trees, there are few lamps dedicated to this, buried lights and floodlights can also achieve this effect.

7. Underwater light: put it in the pool, if the light source is LED, there are many colors. There are different regulations on the waterproof level according to the water depth, and extra-low voltage should be used to ensure safety.

8. Step light (sidewall light): mainly used for stairs and steps, small-scale partial lighting, even if people see the steps, roads, etc., it also has the effect of setting off the steps.

9. Wall lamp: installed on the column, the two ends of the gate, the middle of the wall, etc., there are many tricks, daytime scene, night lighting.

10. Floodlight: As the name suggests, light is projected to a specific part, highlighting key lighting.

11. Floodlight: The light is scattered and belongs to the surface light source

12. Linear light: The power of the light source is not very large, and it is often used in groups to outline large strips of light.