What Are The Natural Factors That Disturb The Wholesale Solar Garden Lights


We use DC power supply for the wholesale solar garden l […]

We use DC power supply for the wholesale solar garden lights, and there is only a very small chance that problems will occur. However, if there is a problem with the solar storage battery, there will not be an environment where lights are suddenly turned off. The solar led garden lights will gradually darken over a period of time. At this time, the quality inspection of solar garden lights will be increased to avoid some unnecessary losses.

The number of consecutive rainy days in which the solar garden light is used determines the capacity of the storage battery and the power of the solar module needed to restore the capacity of the storage battery after rainy days. The high-pole light monitoring rod storage battery is operated in a floating charging state, and its voltage varies with the change of the power generation amount of the solar battery matrix and the power consumption amount of the load. The solar battery charge-discharge controller and LED driver are composed of electronic components, and their own operation has energy consumption, which will affect their working efficiency. The performance and quality of the solar garden light are also related to the amount of energy consumption, thus affecting the efficiency of the solar garden light.

These factors are quite complicated. The solar courtyard light monitoring rod can only use some coefficients to estimate the influence factors of some uncertain parameters. Due to different factors and complexity, different methods are adopted. Therefore, the purpose of optimizing the design of solar LED street lights by solar yard light manufacturers is to select the system composed of solar cell phalanx, storage battery, controller and solar yard light under the environmental conditions in which the solar cell phalanx is located, which not only has high economic benefits, but also ensures high reliability.

If there are problems in the market economy, solar garden lights or the industry is unstable, there may be vicious competition. In this case, the price may be lower than its own value, and there may be monopoly, that is, the price is very high. The market situation is constantly changing. We must keep our eyes open and reasonably understand the relationship between price and quality.

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